How to Make Coffee In a French Press

How to Make Coffee In a French Press

Are you looking for an easy way to improve your morning routine? The answer is yes. Using a french press coffee maker is the easiest way to make coffee after a conventional drip coffee maker. Additionally, if you are making a pot for multiple people – a french press can offer everyone a great cup of coffee, in no time.

Steps For Making Coffee In a French Press

  1. Grind your coffee beans.
  2. Add your coffee grounds (or freshly ground beans) into the bottom of the french press. It’s best to use one tablespoon of grounds per cup of coffee.
  3. Add hot water on top of the coffee grounds.
  4. Let entire pot steep for 3 – 7 minutes
  5. Press down on the plunger gently until it will not go any further.
  6. Pour immediately for the best flavor

What is a French Press?

A french press coffee pot is a cylindrical pot with an attachment on top that acts as the plunger. On the plunger there is a built-in filter that allows hot water to pass through, but traps coffee grounds. This is a common favorite for home coffee brewing, as it offers a robust cup of coffee and is easy to make.

What Grind of Coffee Beans Should I Use In a French Press?

If you have had a few pots of coffee from a french press, you might notice some grounds at the bottom of your cup. Depending on the filter used, some grounds of coffee can pass through and will end up in your cup. To combat this, use a medium grind for coffee beans. This will ensure that you have a great cup of coffee with minimal grounds. Some suggest to grind them similar to sea salt.

French Press Coffee Basics

A french press is not for everyone. Truthfully, if you are trying to learn how to drink coffee you may be put off by finding a few grounds at the bottom of the cup. At the end of the day a few grounds will not kill you, it is the price you pay for a better cup of coffee.

Using a french press is not rocket science. You need to grind some whole coffee beans, boil some water, mix the two, give it time to steep and you’re good to go. However, there is a difference in making coffee in a french press and making coffee in a french press, well. In my opinion lots of people try a french press once or twice, but give up after finding a few grounds in their cups. If you are in this situation, strain the coffee through a paper filter to remove the remaining grounds.

Cleaning Your French Press

After using your french press, you will need to clean it. Depending on what type of french press you bought, you might have to hand clean the entire thing. Try to take out the glass cilindar and you can put that in the dishwasher. We recommend cleaning the plunger by hand to prevent breaking it. No matter how you clean you french press, make sure you throw away your coffee grounds, they can clog pipes up.