How to use a Milk Frother on an Espresso Machine?

How to use a Milk Frother on an Espresso Machine?

Do you love espresso drinks, but hate paying for them? Purchasing an espresso machine can be a fantastic way to still get your caffeine fix, without breaking the bank (anymore). Pulling a great espresso shot depends on a few factors. However, the shot is only half the battle. The key to creating some of the best espresso drinks Is not just how you pull the shot, but also how well the foam is created.

learning how to froth milk with an espresso machine is extremely easy. Most machines include some sort of steam one that will hang off of the side. This arm simply forces steam into your milk gently heating it with pressure. At the same time it adds concentrated air into the milk which causes foam.

Most people think that using the steam wand attached to most espresso machines is not enough to create great, creamy foam. Personally, I found the opposite to be true. I think using the steam wand attached to my espresso machine has been fantastic at teaching me how to create great foam.

What is Milk Foam and How is it Used?

Microfoam is a fancy way of talking about milk foam. When going through the frothing process milk is stretched or steamed to create frothed milk and milk foam.  This microfoam is then added into different espresso drinks to create specialty drinks.

Frothing Milk with a Steam Wand

They’re going to start frothing milk the first thing you need to do is gather the tools. Along with your steam wand and espresso machine you might also want to invest in a stainless steel frothing pitcher as well. These pictures will help create the best milk foam for your drinks.

  1. Fill your foaming picture halfway with milk.
  2. Check to make sure that your espresso machine steam wand is clean.
  3. Insert the steam wand into the milk, just below the surface.
  4. Turn on the espresso machines steam.
  5. Move The foam picture around, you okay bad dream so the different levels of milk are steamed evenly.
  6. Once the milk foam has reached the top of the foaming pitcher, turn off the steam.
  7. Tap the foaming picture on your counter to remove any excess bubbles.
  8. Pour into your coffee.

Frothing Milk Tips

  • If there are large bubbles remaining on the surface of the frothed milk, tap the foaming picture firmly against a countertop, then swirl around the milk foam in the picture to remove the large bubbles.
  • Be sure to clean your steam wand after every use, as it is a great place for bacteria to grow. The best way to do this is to fill your frothing picture with water and run the steam wand as if you were frothing milk. Run this through two rounds of clean water to ensure that it is nice and clean.
  • The longer you wait for your milk, the more texture than milk will have when poured into a coffee.
  • Even without an espresso machine wand, there are other ways to Foam & froth milk. A mason jar is a popular way to create milk froth.