How to Use a Milk Frother

How to Use a Milk Frother

There is nothing like the a fantastic latte. The velvety, creamy foam is pure bliss to me. Even if you don’t enjoy lattes, everyone can appreciate a beautifully crafted leaf on top of a latte. Have you ever wondered how to use a milk frother to create these beautiful art pieces or delicious beverages? If your answer is yes, then you came to the right place.

What is a Milk Frother?

A milk frother is any device that is used to aerate milk, creating foam to enhance the flavor and texture of specialty coffee drinks. There are various types of milk frothers. You do not need a milk frother to make great milk foam, but it does help. Depending on your method of milk frothing, you may need a frothing pitcher as well.

A frothing pitcher is a small, (typically) stainless steel container used to steam and froth milk as part of the creation of a specialty coffee drink. Some espresso machines have one built into them. However, most espresso machines use a steaming wand along with a frothing pitcher to create milk. While having a frothing pitcher can help create fantastic milk foam, it is not a requirement. There are other methods to creating milk froth that do not require a frothing pitcher, however, if you are going to be using an espresso machine, we highly recommend you purchase one.

Types of Milk Frothers

Milk frothers can come in various sizes and types, the main types of milk frothers to mention are:

  1. Manual frothers: This is a frothing pitcher, a lid, and plunger that is operated by hand.
  2. Frothers Built Into Espresso Machines: These are also called steamers, they are a type of wand that is build into the side of an espresso machine.
  3. Handheld Frothers: These are wands that are used to create fantastic milk froth.

What is an Auto Milk Frother?

There are different types of milk frothers. Steam wands and Auto Frothers. An auto frother is any type of technology that aerates milk with little to no input from the user. A steam wand is typically attached to an espresso machine. An automatic milk frother is a great addition to any espresso lovers arsenal. Using it is simple, you pour milk into the hopper, put the lid on the machine, press a button, and wait for your milk foam. When the machine is done, you pour over your coffee and enjoy!

Handheld Electric Milk Frother

If you decided to purchase a handheld electric milk frother, you might be a little confused at the design. This little wand machine is fantastic at making rich milk foam. The process is simple, heat up your milk. Do not heat your milk to a boil, keep it warm. Pour your heated milk into a glass that you can use you electric milk frother in. Turn on your milk frothing wand and let it run for 10-15 seconds. Move the wand up and down to froth different levels in your glass. Pour your milk foam into your coffee when finished.

Hand Held Manual Milk Frother

Some love these little pumps. They are the cheapest and most time consuming way to create milk foam. If you do want to buy a hand frother, you want to be careful when holding any metal pump as heated milk can burn you through the metal. To use these you need to fill the carafe with hot milk (not boiling). Put the top on and pump the plunger as fast as you can. After two to three minutes you should have very thick milk foam for your coffee. While this is an option, we recommend against these.

Honing in your Milk Frothing Skills

Milk and coffee are an iconic duo. Almost every coffee drinker loves some type of milk in their beverage. Milk is pivotal in creating most specialty coffee drinks. With all of the different technologies and methods to frothing milk, it can get a little overwhelming.

The skill of milk frothing can be easy to learn, but difficult to master. Even the most experienced coffee guru can still improve their milk frothing skills. With time and practice you will be frothing milk like a professional barista in no time!